How to get a great deal on your next HVAC system

I recently had to update my heating and cooling system in my house. I had worried for a while about how much it was going to cost me because I didn’t have a ton of money set aside for replacing the HVAC system. When you’re a homeowner, there’s always something going wrong in some part of your house. Whether you need to replace part of the roof, get a new appliance, or have a section of carpeting replaced, there is always something! I’ve learned that over the past few years and the most recent problem that I ended up having was with my heating and cooling system. I noticed that the temperature on my thermostat just wasn’t being maintained at an even level and then I noticed that the furnace wasn’t working too great on cooler mornings. When I switched over to the air conditioning when the weather started heating up, the house didn’t cool off at all. That’s when I had the terrible realization that my HVAC system probably needed to be replaced. I knew that it was an older system when I moved in, but I was really hoping that it would last a couple more years than it actually did! Anyway, somehow I got lucky because when I called my local heating and cooling company, they were running an amazing deal on high efficiency HVAC systems. I ended up with a great unit that keeps my home at just the right temperature, year round. I even got a great warranty with it, so next time it tears up, I won’t have to worry! 

It’s time to replace the furnace

My current heating system is nearly twenty years old. When my husband and I first purchased the house, the furnace was already installed and obviously not brand new. Since there was no paperwork or record of service, we could only guess at the installation date. I have been conscientious about scheduling professional maintenance every year. I’ve made sure to replace the air filter every month. Despite my efforts, the heater is beginning to show the wear and tear. We should have replaced the furnace at least ten years ago. It no longer provides maximum heating capacity and struggles to keep up with demand. Living in the northern part of the country, we face temperatures down to twenty-five below zero and rely on the furnace for six to eight straight months. During the most severe weather, it doesn’t matter how high we adjust the thermostat. The furnace can’t maintain ideal comfort and certain rooms are especially chilly. When the heating unit cycles on, it makes a grinding sound and continues to rattle the whole time it operates. Since it runs nearly non stop all winter long, the furnace is costing a fortune in utility bills. I know that a new furnace would provide superior energy efficiency, reduce our heating costs and recover the investment very quickly. Our home would certainly be more comfortable, stay cleaner and we’d benefit from healthier indoor air quality. Modern furnaces feature better safety features and air filtration. We could upgrade to zone control and a wifi thermostat for greater convenience, comfort and cost savings. However, I’m reluctant to deal with the disruption and mess of tearing out the hold heating unit and installing new. 

Energy waste in the classroom

I attend college as a junior in the northeastern part of the country. This year, I was able to finally move off campus and rent an apartment. This necessitates driving to my classes. Unfortunately, there’s insufficient parking available and I’m typically forced to walk almost a mile to reach the various buildings. The weather between September to May is super cold, rainy and even snowy. I bundle up in my wool coat, waterproof boots, knitted hat, scarf and gloves, and still shiver the whole time. I’m usually carrying a backpack full of heavy books and always in a rush to get inside the heated buildings on campus. The classrooms are seldom maintained at a comfortable temperature. My art history classroom should be nice and warm, but there is a group of girls who like to open the windows.

The heating system blasts at maximum capacity and the majority of the heated air escapes right out the open window. These girls are not concerned about the amount of energy they are wasting or the impact on the environment. They don’t care that they are costing the college a fortune or that they’re making everyone in the room miserable. I have no choice but to keep my coat on during class. Even sitting as close as possible to the heating vents doesn’t make much different. I don’t know why the professor lets them get away with this inconsiderate behavior. Every now and then, I get up and close the windows. My actions then turn into a huge argument with the group of girls. I don’t care if they get upset. I need to warm up and take advantage of the heating system before I head back outside for the long walk to my car.

Uncomfortable temperature control

I work in a newly built office building situated right in the downtown area. The construction features a great deal of glass and the design is ultra modern. I am fortunate enough to have a corner office on the eighth floor and the view is really amazing. Unfortunately, none of the windows open, and there’s no opportunity to bring any fresh air into the building. Although the glass is tinted to deflect UV rays, the weather still affects the indoor temperature. In the winter, the glass is cold and makes the room feel quite chilly. I have the opposite complaint during the summer. The whole building is sealed up tight and entirely temperature controlled all year round. It is a problem that the thermostat is not on the premises. No one on location has the ability to make any adjustments. The operation of the HVAC system is entirely determined by the corporate headquarters. The headquarters are located on the opposite side of the country. Rather than catering to our very unpredictable weather, the temperature is regulated according to dates on the calendar. At a predetermined day of the year, the air conditioner starts up and blows cool air non stop for several months. Whether the outdoor conditions are hot and humid or freezing cold, we deal with air conditioning. The building is often uncomfortably chilly, and we all dress up in sweaters. In the middle of July, many of the workers are wearing their coats indoors. As soon as the fall season arrives, the heating system switches on. Very often, the weather at this time of year is still hot and sticky. There’s no way to prevent the steady supply of heated air. The workforce is sweaty, sluggish and complaining. We plug in portable fans and get very little work accomplished. 

Replacing your old thermostat with a new model

When I got a new job and had to relocate to the west coast, I began to watch property shows with keen interest. I’m never one to watch shows where people show off their gadgets because it creates jealousy and envy in others. Also, I’m not too fond of showoffs or people who always have to be the centre of attention—but having to move made me realize that I had to learn how to adjust and be accommodative. Some of the property being showcased in these shows featured a smart home where a computer controls electric appliances. 

One of these appliances was a smart thermostat, which can control your air conditioning. It is incredible how much a gadget like an air conditioner has evolved. Users can manage their heating and cooling needs from anywhere using an app. A sophisticated HVAC system can learn your habits and adjust itself accordingly. Depending on changes in the weather, a smart thermostat can adjust itself accordingly.

By using power efficiently, such a system will mean less need for heater repair or conditioner repair. These days, air conditioner service can involve showing a customer how to use a control panel. You can program your smart thermostat to work via WIFI from the touch of your phone. It can switch on your furnace in the evening before you get home.  

The HVAC business has gone to the next level, and an HVAC provider has to be tech-savvy to meet the needs of the modern shopper. It also means that an HVAC technician has to keep up with the latest trends in heater repair, heater installation, and furnace service. 

Ductwork, energy savings and your home

If your system has ductwork, have you thought about getting ductwork cleaning or sealing? Ductwork accounts for 30% of energy consumption. What happens when the ductwork has a tear along the seam or a hole in the middle of it? The home energy bills significantly go up. The HVAC system works longer, harder hours since the temperature controlled air is literally flying out the door. Trust me, you will know when your ductwork has a leak. The home won’t be the right temperature and the bills will be through the roof. Get a HVAC contractor to perform ductwork sealing. It is an easy, non invasive procedure that saves a homeowner a lot of money. In the end too, most HVAC companies offer a five year guarantee that their sealant will hold up or they will come back for free.

What about the ductwork sealing? Not only is dirty ductwork bad for the air quality, it is no good for the system either. Any part of the HVAC system with dust is sluggish, tired and more likely to produce inferior results. Every 5-7 years make it a point to clean out your air ducts. 

Choosing a heating system

With so many choices on the market, how do you decide which one is right for you and your family? There are boilers, central heaters, underfloor heating, and others. How do you choose what’s right for you? Well one thing that many people consider when choosing a heat source is energy consumption. Nobody wants to pay a hefty energy bill. Despite this, one heat source that is frequently overlooked is heat pump systems. Heat pump systems use about 50% when compared to other heat sources. 

Heat pumps  are not just heating your home either, heat pumps can also be used to cool the home. It is this versatility that makes me a fan of heat pumps. Of course, the energy savings help out too. I’m not suggesting that you throw out your working furnace or other heat source. If it’s working fine, keep it but if you’re in the market for a new heater, there are several reasons why you might want to look at heat pumps. I am going to explore some of those reasons here in my blog.

But, before I get started, I’d like to add a bit of a disclaimer. Heat pumps are not for everybody. Heat pumps tend to work best in moderate climate. This means areas that are neither too hot nor too cold. This is just due to the nature of how the heat pumps work. So if you live in a nice comfortable area, like the Bible belt, heat pumps are for you. If you live somewhere like the deep South or the extreme North, you might need to stick with a heating or cooling that is more energy consumptive. 

Smart thermostats are the way of the future

Most people these days have smartphones, but there are a lot of people who don’t have smart thermostats. This is a relatively new type of HVAC technology that has been improving the lives of countless people. Probably the best reason to get a smart thermostat is for the energy savings. The energy savings alone are fairly substantial and will allow the smart thermostat to eventually pay for itself. If that’s not a good enough reason to get this amazing technology, you need to know what a smart thermostat can do for you. Smart thermostats can actually learn your preferred temperature control settings. So if you place the smart thermostat in learning mode and just set the temperature control throughout the day, the smart thermostat will remember your settings and will eventually implement your very own custom temperature control schedule without even having to program it! This is perfect for people who don’t like to mess with all that technical stuff, and just let everything go on autopilot. When you have your own customized temperature control schedule, you hardly even have to make adjustments to the temperature control settings. One of the biggest selling points of smart thermostats though is the fact that you have instant remote temperature control. Just imagine being able to adjust the temperature control settings to your HVAC wherever you happen to be! You can be on vacation and check on your HVAC via your smartphone and adjust it as needed. Perhaps it’s winter and you just want to make sure the pipes don’t freeze at home, you can do that! Maybe you left to work in a rush and realized you forgot to turn off the cooling system, you can easily adjust that from work! There are so many benefits to having a smart thermostat, and it’s clear that this is the HVAC technology of the future.

Having a remote for your air conditioner is awesome!

One of the most wonderful things is having a remote for your air conditioning system. There are actually many different types of A/C units and systems that you can use a remote with. One of the most popular ways to control your HVAC remotely is via a smart thermostat. Seriously, just by hooking up a smart thermostat to your HVAC system, you are able to enjoy full control remotely via your smartphone. Another beautiful thing about having a smart thermostat is the fact that having one actually allows your HVAC to run more efficiently and it will ultimately lower your energy bills. 

If you happen to be on a budget then you might want to consider something that is more affordable than getting a new central cooling system. You can go for room air conditioners such as portable A/C units or window A/C units. These are great for cooling down individual rooms, but you have to keep in mind that these A/C units consume more energy than your standard central cooling system. 

You can always opt for a ductless mini-split system. These types of HVAC systems can come with a remote, which is convenient since they are typically mounted high up on the wall. There are many benefits to having a ductless mini-split air conditioner. The best thing is the fact that it is extremely energy efficient. You don’t have to worry about using ductwork for this type of air conditioner. Using ductwork actually accounts for up to 20% of energy loss in HVAC systems, so it’s great not having to depend on a system of ductwork. 

When winter comes around you want a quality heater

I will never be someone who appreciates the winter climate. I don’t like snow or ice, or wind, or even rain for that matter. I only like sunny days and mild temperatures. I realize that is beyond the realm of normal expectation and where I live, in the Midwest, it appears as though the climate is about as erratic as it can get. In the winter it can storm, downpour, hail or snow all in the same day. It’s sort of stressful to not realize what’s in store for you each day. Winters appear to last for a considerable length of time and spring and summer can never get here fast enough. The cool temperatures make me need to stow away inside my home all concealed in covers and layers of clothing. I am glad I have an HVAC heater that functions dependably and keeps my home warm throughout the entire winter. I never need to stress over it coming up short and if there is an issue, I can turn to the HVAC organization. They are always quick to come to fix it for me for an affordable price. My heating system runs perfectly and always keeps my home warm. It also works as a cooling unit in the summer.  I may despise winter and all that it brings to my life, however in the event that I need to ice and snow, I can always count on my heater to keep me warm and my HVAC technician to handy any problems that winter may try to throw at me.