A heat pump could be the perfect unit for you!

Shopping for a heating and cooling system for a new construction home was a long and stressful project. My husband and I wanted to make the most out of our investment. We were looking for a unit that would provide year round comfort and longevity but also keep our monthly bills reasonable. Energy efficiency was a priority for running costs as well as environmental impact. We researched forced air furnaces and central air conditioners but weren’t thrilled with the idea of giving up space to ductwork. From what we read, the average duct system gives up as much as 30% of energy to leaks. After a lot of debate, we finally chose a geothermal heat pump. Although the price tag to purchase and install a geothermal system is much higher than a conventional alternative, this innovation met all of our requirements. Geothermal systems are considered the most environmentally responsible choice by the EPA, achieving up to 400% efficiency ratings.

The underground loop system is warrantied for 50 years and can be expected to last twice that long. Because the actual heat pump is installed inside the home and protected against the weather, it should operate reliably for over twenty years. There are few moving parts which minimizes maintenance requirements and the chance of malfunction. Geothermal systems are great for dehumidification and won’t dry out the indoor air. They are safe, clean and quiet. Plus, with the addition of a simple switch, we benefit from a virtually free source of hot water. The best perk of the geothermal heat pump is that it keeps our house totally comfortable no matter the season or weather.

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