Why you may want to upgrade to central air conditioning

For a long time, I refused to even consider the possibility of centralized air conditioning. The summer seasons in my local area are normally brief and often chilly, gray and wet. During the years when we experience high heat and humidity, I never minded opening the windows and running box fans. I had no problem with using window air conditioners in the bedrooms. After the especially long winters and running the heating system at maximum capacity, it was a relief to bring in some fresh air. All of that changed when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with severe allergies. Having the windows open in the spring, summer and early fall became a problem. The influx of bugs, dust, pollen, exhaust fumes and other contaminants worsened her symptoms. I did some research and realized we needed to tighten up the house and filter the air. I contacted a local HVAC company and asked for some recommendations. We started with having the furnace and ductwork thoroughly cleaned and serviced. Duct sealing helped to prevent outside pollutants from entering the system and getting spread throughout the home. The contractor recommended being vigilant about replacing air filters. He also suggested that we install central air conditioning and an air purifier. This combination has made a huge improvement in indoor air quality. The house stays cleaner, smells fresher and feels more comfortable. The air purifier runs 24/7 all year round, requires very little maintenance and combats airborne germs, particles, odors and VOCs. We not only operate the air conditioner during the height of the summer but utilize the fan even during milder weather.   

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