Cool additional heated flooring uses-pool, garage, snow melt system

Did you know that hydronic heating is not limited to your house flooring? My husband and I joke that we want to coat our entire property in heated flooring and will someday. The two of us started out making every room in our house have hydronic heating. Taking a shower and stepping on warm tile was amazing. The living room was so cozy at night with a heated carpet. I even liked having heated flooring in my work out room and doing my own version of hot yoga. 

After a few years of enjoying the house heated flooring, I started looking at what else could be done. I found that some people use their boiler system to heat their swimming pool. It is the same idea as the flooring. You stretch pipes to the pool and use it to heat the water. I then heard about people putting down the piping, cement over top of it and having a heated, indoor garage. Men used it as a workspace or as a playroom for the kids. 

People with outdoor blacktop actually use heated flooring as a snow melt system. They have the system placed, blacktop over top of it, and it heats during the winter to melt the snow. The cars on the heating system don’t have any ice on the windshields due to the heat. There is no snow to push off the car or shovel around. It makes the whole house look classier and is better for your vehicle. The snow melt system was something my husband and I immediately purchased.

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