Installation, service, repairs oh my!

After picking out a heating device and choosing the right HVAC business to install it, what can you expect to happen next? The heating installation is pretty simple. Most companies use protective foot covers so they don’t track dirt into your home. A lot of businesses also make a point to clean up debris after the job is done. They are professionals and don’t require any assistance. From what I have experienced though, they don’t mind if you poke over their shoulder to watch. 

Once the heater is installed you don’t get to call it a day however. Any heating device you pick requires service. At the very least plan once a year to have a HVAC contractor come into your home to perform a tune up. They oil, tighten and lubricate all moving parts. They check for rust, dust and corrosion. A heating system can still operate dirty or with worn parts. The difference is that your heater will run longer, harder hours. This means your energy bills will be higher and you are more likely to experience heater repairs in the future.

Even with proper heating service in the beginning of fall, you can expect a repair to pop up. Just like with a car or even with your teeth, wearing out happens. You need to get the repairs caught before they get too big. For example, letting a dirty furnace operate will make it more likely for the heat exchanger to crack. Not only will it release carbon monoxide, poisoning your home, but a busted heat exchanger is about as costly as getting a new furnace. Don’t dilly dally with getting a heater repair done!

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