I picked a heater, now what?

With any major purchase, research is required. For me I love to shop around, read some reviews and then know I am making an informed decision. A heater device is a huge investment. Not only is it quite costly, but it is going to live in your home around 15 years with proper maintenance. That is a long time to hate something. A lot of people just pick what their friends have or choose the same system that was in the house before. Hunt around to find the best option for you! After you have chosen the perfect heating system, what do you do next?

Picking the right heater is step one. Step two is choosing the right HVAC business to install your heating equipment. Finding the right HVAC contractor is key. Go online and look at the different businesses in your area and compare. A good thing to look up is the Better Business Bureau rating. Typically this rating is right on the company website. Another thing I look for is if the HVAC technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. Do they have NATE certification? That is a nice bonus to have, but not totally necessary. Another factor I look into is the company policies. Do they offer same day service? Do they have 24 hour emergency service? What about free estimates? I like when the website makes a point to let me know I will speak to a live representative on my call. I also look to see how long the company has been in business and if they are family owned and/or operated. That is just my opinion however. Finally, another good idea is to look at the company reviews. Read what other customers have to say about their experience. You want to pick a HVAC business that you can keep around as long as your heating equipment.

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