Energy waste in the classroom

I attend college as a junior in the northeastern part of the country. This year, I was able to finally move off campus and rent an apartment. This necessitates driving to my classes. Unfortunately, there’s insufficient parking available and I’m typically forced to walk almost a mile to reach the various buildings. The weather between September to May is super cold, rainy and even snowy. I bundle up in my wool coat, waterproof boots, knitted hat, scarf and gloves, and still shiver the whole time. I’m usually carrying a backpack full of heavy books and always in a rush to get inside the heated buildings on campus. The classrooms are seldom maintained at a comfortable temperature. My art history classroom should be nice and warm, but there is a group of girls who like to open the windows.

The heating system blasts at maximum capacity and the majority of the heated air escapes right out the open window. These girls are not concerned about the amount of energy they are wasting or the impact on the environment. They don’t care that they are costing the college a fortune or that they’re making everyone in the room miserable. I have no choice but to keep my coat on during class. Even sitting as close as possible to the heating vents doesn’t make much different. I don’t know why the professor lets them get away with this inconsiderate behavior. Every now and then, I get up and close the windows. My actions then turn into a huge argument with the group of girls. I don’t care if they get upset. I need to warm up and take advantage of the heating system before I head back outside for the long walk to my car.

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