A hotel air conditioner

Last December, my wife, kids and I took a ten-day vacation. We left behind the freezing cold weather and snow for a tropical getaway during the Christmas holidays. I booked us a hotel that put us just walking distance from the beach. The plan was to spend the majority of our time outside, enjoying the sunshine, white sand beach and ocean waves. Due to the premier location, even the most basic hotel was really expensive. The hotel didn’t offer a lot of amenities. We went without laundry facilities, a fitness room, restaurant and swimming pool. The wifi was slow and unpredictable and the television provided only a couple of local stations.

We were just relieved that there was a working air conditioner installed in the room. The cooling unit was obviously an older model and not in the greatest condition. It was dented on the side, missing some control knobs and often dripped condensate onto the floor. Whenever it cycled on, it made this horrendous screeching sound and rattled the whole time it operated. Despite all these problems, the air conditioner easily cooled down the room and maintained a comfortable temperature.

We were only able to adjust the system between high and low speed. We mostly ran the central air conditioner at maximum capacity. It was such a pleasure to step inside that cool hotel room after a day at the beach, baking in the sun. We were able to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready to start another beautiful day.

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