What you do if your HVAC system breaks

I was devastated when I broke my cell phone coming down a flight of stairs at the doctor’s office.  That day I was rushing to get out of my appointment to reach a job interview on time. The appointment started 30 minutes later than it was supposed to, and I spent another 15 minutes waiting in one of the rooms in the back before my doctor even saw me.  I was racing to get out of the building in time for an important job interview at a bank roughly four miles from the building where my doctor is located. As I ran into the stairwell, I still had my phone in my hand coming down the steps. I nearly tripped and caught myself on the railing, but not before my cell phone flew from my hands and fell down several flights of stairs before reaching the bottom.  This wasn’t an old phone either, I had just bought it six months prior and had only recently finished paying off the small loan. I figured at that point things just could not get any worse for me that week, but they did. Just two days after I dropped my phone down that flight of stairs, my central air conditioner in my house stopped keeping up with the thermostat. I would set it to 75 degrees inside but could not get it to get lower than 85, despite the temperature outside only being a few degrees warmer.  Soon I learned that my air conditioner was broken and needed to be replaced. Even though I could technically afford a new air conditioner, it was not an expense that I had been planning for.  

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