There are many options for indoor heating

The weather finally feels like it’s starting to warm up for good.  I wasn’t sure after the last blizzard if we would ever get a break from the freezing temperatures.  This winter we saw a week straight of record lows during a particularly nasty ice storm in early February.  Then we got about six feet of snow dropped on us over the course of two days. I had the worst time trying to dig myself out of my house so I could get to work.  With so much discomfort from some of the lowest temperatures I had ever experienced in my life, I worried if we would ever get a break from the frigid insanity.

Thankfully, everything is starting to warm up.  All of the snow and ice has finally melted and the little bit of new green is starting to show on grass, trees, and plants throughout my town. I suppose these signs mark the first signs of the spring season. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I don’t think I will ever stop appreciating the time each year when the cold winter weather finally abates and spring begins to blossom out of the gray winter abyss.  I think today might be the last day of the season in which I use my indoor heat. It isn’t warm yet, but the 60 degree weather is so comforting that I don’t see any reason to use my indoor heat again until next November.

Since my indoor HVAC expenses are heavily relegated to heat more than air conditioning, I rely on my furnace much more than my cooling system. With that in mind, whenever the day finally comes when I can stop using indoor heat again until the following autumn is a momentous occasion.    

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