This is how air conditioning repairs go

I hate it when something breaks and needs repairs.  My lawn mower gave me nearly 10 years of nothing but reliable service before refusing to start last week.  I kept yanking on the cord to no avail, worried that something was seriously wrong with the engine. I was forced to take my mower to a repair shop and found out that there is a tiny rubber diaphragm inside a lawn mower carburetor that gets worn down over long periods of time.  It’s as simple as taking the carburetor apart, replacing the torn diaphragm, and then reassembling the engine. Even though it turned out to be cheap and easy in the end, the process was hectic and stressful. At one point I was scared that my lawn mower had seen its final days.  I was happy to get it back in the end, but the situation had a lasting effect. When my air conditioner started exhibiting similar problems while trying to keep the temperature low in the afternoons, I was extremely worried.

Repairs on any kind of air conditioners can either be simple and straightforward or stressful and expensive.  Other times it can be as bad as a system replacement altogether. Thankfully, I just needed a new fan motor. Most people would not be happy with this news, but I am just happy the repairs are not going to be any more extensive than they are. In a week’s time, I should have the new fan motor installed inside my central air conditioner.  To make things even better, it was covered by my manufacturer’s warranty. I didn’t have to pay for the part, I only had to pay for the labor fee.

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