The demands of winter can be stressful on your heater

Living in the northern part of the country is a great deal of extra work and expense.  Trying to survive and keep comfortable during the winter months is a struggle. The temperature tends to drop sometime in September and remains cold until the end of April.  We endure temperatures well below zero, constant snowfall, freezing rain, blizzard conditions, and bitter wind chill. For approximately eight months per year, I’m forced to run my furnace.  I am trapped in the house, trying to keep warm, and my heating bills cost a fortune. I’ve spent a great deal of money to install a top quality, energy efficient heating system. I made sure to get all of the modern features and technology so that the furnace runs at lower speeds and uses less energy.  It has the capability to automatically adjust capacity to the changing needs of the home.

Despite all of the fancy operation, the furnace still draws a lot of energy and is responsible for the majority of my monthly expenses. I’ve done everything possible to trim energy waste. I’ve replaced all of the windows in the house and caulked around them.  I’ve weatherstripped around all of the exterior doors, put up ceiling fans, and stuffed a ton of insulation into the walls and ceilings. I still find cold spots, leaks and drafts around the house. There’s simply no easy way to combat temperatures of twenty below zero. Along with tightening up the house, I also am required to keep up with filter changes, furnace maintenance, snow shoveling and plowing.  Then, when all that snow finally melts, my lawns, gardens and driveway are a complete mess. I spend all spring cleaning up after the winter.  

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