HVAC maintenance helps you save on energy bills

When change is inevitable like the four seasons of the year, we have no option but to embrace it, otherwise, we are left behind. Speaking of weather changes, Autumn happens to be my favourite season of the year because I get the chance to dress down and go out more. My favourite dress-code is Short dresses or shorts with short-sleeved blouses. My parents built on the outskirts of town on farmland, so our neighbourhood has lots of trees and vast pieces of land. The transition period between the fall and winter is always my saddest moment in the cycle. As tree leaves change colour and plants and animals start adjusting for the season, days become shorter and the arrival of the cold season has me thinking of one thing – our air conditioning.

Before the cold kicks in completely, my dad always ensures that the air conditioner is properly serviced. He constantly monitors the condition of our heating and cooling system to detect and prevent unexpected breakdowns that might require an overhaul of the HVAC. Since we live outside of town, heater repair costs are much higher because there is only one HVAC business within a radius of 10 miles that serves over 50 households. New heater installation is not common here but repairs are. 

Several families do not also rely so much on the available HVAC provider with many homes using a home-made gas furnace that requires little furnace service although they still call on technicians for air conditioner repair just to be sure. I like how organized and prepared my dad is because whenever an HVAC technician arrives, there is little for him to do other than checking the safety of the equipment. With proper maintenance, our appliances retain energy and have a prolonged life that results in little demand for regular air conditioner service

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