How zone control systems work

Last winter, I got injured in a car accident and spent almost a week in the hospital.  The experience was horrible. Although the doctors and nurses were wonderful, the hospital is unpleasant in every way.  I was in quite a bit of pain and simply wanted to sleep. The bed and pillow were uncomfortable, and the sheets were thin and scratchy.  The room was never dark enough, and there was constant noise. Nurses repeatedly entered the room and woke me up. The food was downright awful, and I hated the antiseptic smell of the air.  The worst was the freezing cold temperature. I understand that the hospital maintains a very low temperature to combat the spread of bacteria and infection, but I shivered the whole time. There were half a dozen vents in the ceiling, and no escape from the blast of air conditioning.  I kept asking if the thermostat setting could be raised just a bit and was assured it would be taken care of. Nothing was done, and the air conditioner never shut off.

I finally begged my husband to bring in warm clothes and a heavy blanket from home. I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital and enjoy my own bed.  At my house, I have zoned heating and cooling, as well as a smart thermostat. I can make adjustment to everything from fan speed to temperature from an app on my phone. I can target the bedroom without affecting the rest of the house. I was so much happier and more comfortable once I was back home. This new technology has made my home more comfortable. I highly recommend zone control and a smart thermostat.

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