Air flow is a very important part of your heating and cooling system

The master bedroom in our house never gets enough cool air. The air vents are connected to the central ductwork in the rest of the house, but for some reason, the air doesn’t cool properly in the master bedroom. We’ve hired multiple HVAC technicians and they’ve all spent hours assessing the ductwork and air flow into the bedroom, but nobody can ever seem to tell us what’s causing the problem. Even though we’ve never received a proper diagnosis from a certified HVAC technician, we have our own theories about what’s causing the air to feel warmer. First, the master bedroom receives the most sunlight during the day based on the location of the room. The sun pours through the floor to ceiling windows in our room during the peak of the afternoon heat. We’ve tried installing blinds to block out the rays from the sun, but it hasn’t helped a lot. We also have a real chimney in our room. It’s a stretch to assume that the heat is traveling from outside down into our room, but we’ll never really have an answer on that. The third assumption we have about why our master bedroom is much warmer is that our bedroom furniture could be blocking the air flow. Nothing is on top of the air vents, but we think the large pieces of furniture could be hindering the flow of air and preventing it from flowing throughout the entire room. We have no idea if any of these theories are the culprit, but we’re going to believe it until an HVAC technician tells us otherwise. 

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