Air conditioning that’s perfect for a commercial office building

I work in a little office with a lot of cubicles and staff. Our manager’s office is associated with the primary workspace and is connected through a small hallway and glass door. One day our manager left his office trickling in sweat and griping about the temperature in the facility. We all agreed that it was extremely hot and helped him examined the issue. We concluded there was an issue with the heater and that it likely should have been replaced years ago. Our supervisor is continually attempting to save money on business expenses so he can get a big bonus at the end of the yea,  so he said he would deal with it himself first. Presently, our supervisor is a quite shrewd person and we all laughed at the thought of him for attempting to fix it himself. He has no business working on heaters or any other HVAC unit. Rather than calling the HVAC company for the work, he chose to mess around with the heater himself. Whatever he did wound up exacerbating things. The heater began making terrible commotions and the office seemed to get much hotter. He kept on trying to fix it for in a while but had no luck. At long last, we all decided enough was enough and Emily in accounting called the HVAC organization. They came to the workplace and began chipping away at the heater. They assured us that it was only a little issue but since my supervisor had been messing around with it, they also had to fix the things he had messed up. They brought in the necessary parts and continued to make the repairs until finally a burst of cool air filled the room. We were all relieved and went right back to work. We still laugh at our boss trying to make the repairs himself.

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