A new heating system will change the feel of your home!

When I visited my parent’s house the other weekend, I was stunned with the change they made. I knew something was different as soon as I stepped into their residence. When I finally couldn’t put my finger on what it was, they told me they had radiant heated floors installed. They said they also got a really nice smart thermostat! I was so impressed. I should have known with how warm my feet felt when I walked inside. The air quality was really excellent and there was no air blowing from the HVAC vents. It was just pure heavenly heat radiating from the floors nice and slowly. They explained that the radiant heat rises so slowly that it is very energy efficient. They explained it’s the main reason they decided to have them installed because they wanted a highly energy efficient heating system and that was the best system for the cost. My mother was bragging how she never felt chilly tiles when we got out of the shower in the mornings and I have to admit, I was jealous! I wanted to experience that kind of luxury; why didn’t my parents have that sort of heating system when I was still living with them! I guess radiant heated floors were not very common back in the days though. Well, I enjoyed the radiant heated floors so much, I talked to my wife about it non-stop. She got just as excited about it as I was and we decided to call our HVAC company to have radiant heated floors installed! Talk about a life-changing experience!

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