Why you should never install your own air conditioner

Installing your own cooling system can seem like a good idea. Think of the money you can save! You don’t have to pay for the expensive labor and navigate around someone elses time clock. You don’t need to worry about the technician tracking mud, dirt and debris in the house. There is no person leaving materials behind in the home or potentially damaging it in the installation process. Also, imagine how much you learn installing your own cooling system!

Even with those pros, I say don’t do it. If you read my previous blogs, The aftermath of DIY AC installation and Admitting defeat on my DIY AC installation, it is clear that DIY AC installation went terribly bad for me. If you are even thinking of trying this complicated procedure on your own, consider the following cons.

First, did you know that there is a lot of paperwork involved in the process? You also have to wait for the paperwork to go through. If you are adding or even removing an existing air conditioner device, you have to navigate the permit system. The permit system requires talking to county or city officials. You need to pay for the permit and factor in the requirements on each permit.

Second, did you consider how long it is going to take you? Installing your own cooling system will take significant amounts of time. Some HVAC companies send in a team of guys to handle the job quickly. Other times it is one technician, but he is fully certified and can install a cooling system quickly. You are not making a wage when setting up a cooling system. This means your “savings” on not hiring out might actually be costing you money. 

Third, there are certification requirements when installing AC. If the unit has refrigerant in it that you are adding or removing, you need to be certified in order to handle it. You can earn an EPA certification, but this costs money and requires an exam being taken! You also have to keep that certification handy anytime you want to get a new refrigerant for the system.

Finally, most people end up messing up their AC installation. Are you really confident in your skills? Are you willing to risk damaging that expensive investment to save a few bucks?

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