The aftermath of DIY AC installation

Installing your own air conditioner machine is a really bad idea. For one, there is a reason a HVAC contractor becomes certified, insured and bonded. There is a reason he takes tests and clocks in hours learning in the HVAC field. Setting up, maintaining and repairing complex machinery is not for any guy with a toolset. Unfortunately, I was that guy with a toolset who thought he could save a few bucks installing his air conditioner. In the end, trying to save money cost me way more down the road.

Once I had my new AC system installed, I turned it on for the first time. Right away the air conditioner made this horrible grinding noise when it was running. It was loud, awkward and sounded like it was dying. I did some research online and people say that their AC makes noises when it needs a repair. I literally had just bought it new and installed it. No way there could be a repair, right? 

After a few days of using the AC I realized it was not functioning that great. There was water leaking over the sides and forming a puddle around it. I also had the thermostat as low as it could go and my house was still sweltering. It took days for me to finally throw in the towel and admit that I messed up badly. I knew that I messed a lot of things up when I installed my own cooling system. Check out my next blog, Admitting defeat on my DIY AC installation, when I admit defeat. 

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