Reasons why air conditioner maintenance is essential

A modern central air conditioner provides significant benefits, including elevating whole-home comfort and air quality. Today’s cooling systems are typically quite reliable, quiet and energy efficient. While every unit is different, a good quality air conditioner should last between fifteen and twenty years. To get the most value and service life out of the equipment, proper maintenance is necessary. All makes, models, styles and ages of cooling systems require yearly tune-ups to provide reliable longevity. The cooling system is made up of a complexity of components all working together to provide the maximum amount of cool air. Any compromise in integrity of any of the separate parts diminishes capacity and efficiency. Mold, mildew and bacteria thrive in the hot, moist environment inside the air conditioner. These contaminants not only hinder performance but can become airborne and pollute indoor air quality. A dirty air conditioner contributes to a long list of serious health problems. Musty smells from the vents are an indication of microbial growth within the system.

There is also the potential of algae growing in the condensate drain, restricting drainage and leading to water damage. Dust is another problem. Whether the air conditioner is running or sitting idle, dust can work its way into the interior of the system and settle on the various components. Dust impedes the operation of the motor and can result in overheating and failure. Any issues that diminishes airflow is a concern. The air conditioner is then forced to operate more frequently, using more energy and experiencing greater wear and tear. The probability of malfunction and failure increases. The comfort and health of the home suffers. The air conditioner will make more noise, pollute the indoor air and provide inconsistent temperature from one room to another. A yearly tune-up solves these problems. Proactive measures, including cleaning, troubleshooting, testing, tightening and lubricating moving parts works to keep the system operating at its best. Not only will the system cost less to operate, but the professional service fulfills the manufacturer’s warranty requirements. 

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