It’s fun to consider many different types of air conditioners

There are several different types of air conditioner units and systems. There is the rooftop a/c unit which can suffer from weather damage, there is the common hvac unit that sits beside the building and is usually combined with a furnace system, then there are the portable units like a small space heater and window air conditioners. One common unit that is quite popular in homes is the split air conditioner unit. Like a window air conditioner, a split a/c unit can only cool one room. The split has its name because it is composed of two separate or “split” parts. The first part is located on the outside wall of the room that is being air conditioned. This part consists of the condenser and expanding coil and the air compressor.

The second part of the split a/c system is inside the room and is a nice looking wall air conditioner. Inside it is the fan, vents, cooling coil, and air filter. The two parts work together to provide a nice looking air conditioner that is mounted on the inside wall of the building. Many businesses like to have this kind of air conditioner in their conference rooms and offices because they look more professional than a bulky window air conditioner. Keep in mind that a splint air conditioner unit is made to only keep one room air conditioned. If your would like to keep your entire home air conditioned, it would be better to invest in a central air conditioning unit, but if you need to keep only one room cool, the split air conditioning system is a step up from a window air conditioner. 

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