It’s always nice to have a friend who works in HVAC

At twenty-seven, my brother, Sam, has still not found a career path. At that age, most young men have finished college or trade-school, and are anxious to start earning money, if they aren’t doing so already. I don’t know whether he is lazy or merely indecisive. One thing is certain, those of us he has been sponging off are going broke, so he has to find a way of earning a living, and quick.

          Sam is good at fixing things so I have been advising him to get trained as a repair man. Whenever the HVAC system technician comes by to check our unit, my brother is constantly at his elbow. Whether he is changing filters or checking vents, Sam is always there. Sometimes I wonder if the technician isn’t tired of him, but they appear to get on well together. 

          Then, a few days ago, Sam surprised us all by electing to fix our HVAC system. It was still working but the air from the A/C had begun to get musty. I was so scared that he would mess up the entire unit, but we had to acknowledge his skill when fresh, clean air began flowing from air conditioner again, after Sam was done with it. My mother and sister joined me in encouraging him to get serious about becoming an A/C repair man.  With HVAC systems being installed in homes all over the country, my brother’s skills as an A/C technician would always be in demand. 

          The best thing about that is that since Sam will be earning his own money, the rest of us will be able to keep ours in our pockets! 

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