Heating systems for southerns

For years I lived in the north and froze my butt off during the winter. Winter basically started at Halloween and did not end until well after Easter. I got sick of the cold and moved down south. One of the things that surprised me most about the south was that I still needed heating equipment. I assumed southerners only relied on cooling systems. There is a winter season in the south, it is shorter and not as severe as compared to the north. However, I have to say that I could not get by without some form of heating in my southern home. 

What type of heater should a southern household use? For me, I will always advocate getting a heat pump system. Whether you pick to have a ductless, electric or geothermal option doesn’t matter. A heat pump is a heat pump. You get both heating and cooling in one single device. How is this possible? The heat pump doesn’t create heat energy, it simply moves it either inside or outside through a loop system. Since the heat is not actually created with fuel, a heat pump is the most efficient HVAC system out there. Another benefit is that you only then have a single system to get repairs, maintenance and tune ups on. I like that anytime the HVAC technician comes into my home, my entire system is being cared for.

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