Air Purifiers can keep your home from smelling while you cook!

I have always loved to bake, and for the past few years I’ve gotten asked to provide cookies, cakes and other treats for birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, showers and all sorts of occasions.  What started as a fun hobby has gradually grown into a small business. Although I still work entirely out of my own home, I’ve need to make some upgrades to my set up. I couldn’t manage demand with my small oven, refrigerator and mixer.  I’ve now invested in commercial grade equipment and expanded the size of my kitchen. One of the most expensive upgrades was to the heating/cooling system. When I first got started in this endeavor, I didn’t even have air conditioning in my house.  I always managed with open windows and a few electric fans. This would not suffice once my oven was pumping out heat during the day. The kitchen quickly became severely overheated and sticky. Not only were these conditions unpleasant for me, but I was having difficulties with cooling the baked goods and  frosting melting. The heat also put added strain on my refrigerator and coolers. I needed to add central cooling to my home and extend the heating system to include the addition to the kitchen. This required adding on to the duct system, and it was a big project with lots of mess. While I was at it, I also invested into a whole-home air purification system.  While the smell of baking muffins and cookies is enjoyable now and then, my family was complaining about the constant odor throughout the whole house. The air purifier not only took care of odors but created a much cleaner, healthier home and workspace.  

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