A ductless mini-split is great for a small room

I think one of the best inventions is ductless mini-splits. This type of temperature control is extremely versatile. It can accommodate almost any size or layout of home or commercial space. The equipment is super compact, lightweight and requires very little for installation. The system consists of a single outdoor compressor that links to anywhere from one to eight indoor air handlers. They connect by way of a conduit that houses the drainage and refrigerant lines. The indoor air handlers mount up high on the wall, into a drop ceiling or even down near the floor. They can be strictly air conditioners or heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling. The process works by simply moving existing heat between the indoors and outdoors. Modern ductless systems utilize inverter technology that allows the equipment to automatically adapt speed to changing demands. The system supplies only the specific amount of heating or cooling necessary to maintain very even temperature and optimize energy efficiency. They don’t cost much to run.Plus, this results in better dehumidification and air filtration. The better ductless units include wifi connectivity so that programming and adjustments can be made through an app on a smartphone. Each air handler includes an independent thermostat for the benefits of zone control. There’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms and the temperature can cater to preferences. Another advantage of ductless heating and cooling is the ease of the installation process. In most cases, the system can be up and running within a few hours. There’s no major mess, disruption or big renovation project. The ductless air handlers are streamlined, operate quietly and require very little maintenance. They are far superior to window air conditioners or portable electric heaters.

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